How Often to Tune a Piano

piano keyboardPianos need to be tuned at least once a year.  Baby grands are more unstable and need to be tuned more often.  This is particularly true in the arid climate of New Mexico.

If you have not had your piano tuned for a number of years, it will need to be tuned twice for the tuning to have any stability.  Piano strings stretch, and with time they go flat. When a piano hasn’t been tuned for a long time, it is considerably flat, even if it sounds more or less in tune. When such a piano is tuned, so much new tension is being added to the strings that they immediately begin to fall in pitch and therefore requires a second tuning shortly after the first.

I wait at least two weeks before tuning it again in order to allow the strings to stretch as much as they’re going to stretch. The second tuning is good for about a year, though the tuning will become more stable once the piano is being tuned regularly. It is a good idea to have your piano tuned regularly, even if you don’t feel it is that out of tune. It may not sound too bad to you, but it is still falling in pitch, and will need two tunings in short succession if you don’t attend to it.

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