About Steve Eardley

Steve EardleyI started playing piano as a young child and through my teenage years gave concerts and took part in piano competitions. To this day, playing the piano is my main form of recreation and relaxation. Whether playing the classical masters or Fats Waller, the piano is very much my home.

In 1975 I decided to turn my love of the piano in a different direction and apprenticed as a piano tuner under Paul Sobus, a tuner I met at a Piano Technicians Guild meeting in Washington D.C.  After a couple of years of training under Mr. Sobus, I moved to Burlington, Vermont, where I set up my own business.  I joined the Vermont Piano Technicians Guild and soon passed the Craftsman test, which is the highest level.  I was very active in the Vermont Guild for fourteen years, and learned a great deal from some fantastic master craftsmen in my local guild chapter. Most of the other piano tuners in our guild had apprenticed under a single person, like myself, so we helped each other iron out rough spots in our training.  We spent a full afternoon every month rebuilding pianos together, sharing knowledge and teaching each other new methods. It was a wonderful education.  As a tuner and rebuilder I adhere to the best methods, and don’t cut corners.  At the same time, I am sensitive to people’s finances, and try to do only what is necessary.

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